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Disrupting Dis/Ability Impact Outcomes

Disrupting Dis/Ability

The Disrupting Dis/Ability Lab conducted research, investigated and worked to create “disruptions” throughout the semester with the goal of redefining ableism. Teams partnered with collaborators from ASU’s ADA Compliance department regarding physical space, the IT Accessibility department regarding virtual space and also met with community leaders from the Arizona House of Representatives, the City of Tempe’s Commission on Disability Concerns and investigative journalist and author Amy Silverman. The Lab teams synthesized their findings and integrated the knowledge into their chosen impact outcome/ “disruptions.” Take a look below to see a list of the sub-groups and their chosen disruptions.

  • Team Access – created an accessibility ‘layer’ to ASU’s Interactive Map which will allow viewers to identify handicapped restrooms, accessible paths, accessible elevators and more, all from the map on their screen
  • Team Coalition – created a coalition and a constitution for ASU students with disabilities
  • Team Workshop – created and hosted workshops inviting ASU faculty to learn more about accessibility and how to create more inclusive materials and spaces
  • Team Doing It – compiled student stories with their ASU Counseling experiences into a 9-page zine

Scroll down to learn more about a few of these groups and their work!

Mapping Access

Team Access – comprised of Jordyn Stebbins, David Jaulus, Christine Leavitt, Samantha Gillette, and RaNiyah Taylor – created a project that set out to disrupt ASU’s campus by working at adding an accessible layer to ASU Tempe’s map. Through their hosted event, the team collected data across campus including the accessibility of paths, buildings’ exits and entrances, bathrooms, elevators, and more. Click here to view more about this project.


Accessibility Coalition Constitution and Bylaws

Team Coalition – comprised of Mohammad Sultan A Aljohany, Rachel Caldwell, Chris Ervin, Hannah Grabowski, Kaitlyn Martinez, Alonso Rodriguez, and Garrett Tanner – created a coalition and a constitution for ASU students with disabilities with the goal of becoming part of ASU’s Council of Coalitions. Their mission was to combat ableism and stigma as it impacts the overall experience and experiences at ASU. Click here to read their constitution and here for their supplementary presentation on their values and goals for their project.


Team Doing It – comprised of Anjali Mistry, Taylor Carstens, Kevin Kobey, and Lucas Selby – honed in on a disruption collaboration with ASU Admin to improve ASU Counseling Services. As part of their effort, they compiled student stories into a 9-page zine with student experiences. Click here to view their zine and read more about it in their State Press article here.

Student Testimonials

Collaborative Partners

  • Adero Allison: Assistant Director, Arizona State University DRC and Co-Chair of the Accessibility Project
  • Kathy Marks: IT Accessibility Coordinator, Arizona State University
  • Peter Fischer: Accessibility (ADA) Compliance Coordinator, Arizona State University
  • Rebecca Monteleone: Assistant Professor of Disability and Technology, The University of Toledo
  • Amy Silverman: Freelance Journalist, Memoirist, and Editor