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Rethinking Addiction Impact Outcomes

Rethinking Addiction

The Rethinking Addiction Lab was the first Humanities Lab to commit their semester’s impact outcomes to an exclusive community partnership with a non-profit organization. Lab students had the opportunity to work directly with the executive team from Southwest Human Development’s Smooth Way Home program. Students were able to put their research findings to immediate practice through the creation of meaningful impact outcomes. As a result of the incredible work in this Lab, Southwest Human Development’s Smooth Way Home program has begun work to implement the developed materials into their program.

Billboards for Babies

“Billboards for Babies,” one of the Lab’s final impact outcomes presented to Smooth Way Home, is a series of 12 info-graphics taking a different approach to content and tones. The series is designed to soften stigmas in the health care industry. View the collection here.

Video Campaign

Students worked on other impact outcomes as well, including a campaign / video collection of 4 short films aimed at de-stigmatizing unconscious bias of health care workers. The films use actual testimonials provided by Smooth Way. A promotional video detailing web resources on the non-profit’s website was also created by the Lab. The video can be viewed here.

Collaborative Partners

  • Dr. Emily Winslow: ASU Department of Psychology “Engaging Families”
  • – Ashley Flowers: Smooth Way Home, Southwest Human Development, “The Community Challenge”
  • Dr. Foster Olive: ASU Department of Psychology, “Is Addiction a Brain Disease?”
  • Dr. Anne Krendl: Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University-Bloomington, “The Role of Stigma”
  • Rob Ewing: ASU Department of Psychology, “Media Campaigns: Interviews and Working with Video”
  • Gene Ganssle: ASU Herberger, The New American Film School
  • – Dr. Alexandra Estrella: Norwalk Public Schools, Superintendent
  • – Maureen Kobierowski: ASU Humanities Lab, Program Coordinator / Marketing & Communications