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Energy and Social Justice Impact Outcomes

Energy and Social Justice

Students in the Energy and Social Justice Lab participated in the discovery and design of pathways that reduce carbon emissions, promote social justice, and enhance human thriving. They worked closely with faculty, fellow students, and prominent energy leaders to explore issues and design narratives that will help protect the planet, promote social justice, and enhance human thriving in a future of transitions.

Annotated Decision Maker

One of the Lab’s impact outcomes involved crafting annotated decision makers. Here is an example of an Annotated Decision Maker detailing policy recommendations for ensuring a more equitable energy transition for the Navajo Nation.



Several students in the Lab chose to make films as their method of educating the public on the energy inequities they had learned about in class.
  • One group of students created and produced a short film that highlights water injustice on the lands of the Navajo Nation.
  • Lab student Luci Lamonica worked on a video¬†highlighting the multiple ways we take clean water for granted, and ways we can support the Navajo nation in their efforts to access clean water.

Social Media Campaigns

Students in the Energy and Social Justice Lab took on a Social Media Intervention to educate their peers on local energy injustices. Through tweets, videos, and poetry, the students artfully crafted educational content through multiple social media sites.
  • Iona Isachsen posted a Twitter thread on a lack of energy access for the Navajo Nation in the United States. She encouraged students to take action against this injustice.
  • Cynthia Lee wrote, edited, and posted an Instagram story on equitable energy transitions, educating her peers on the importance of the Navajo Generating Station.
  • One group of students worked together to publish Poems for Transitions on Instagram.