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The Future of Cars

Spring 2019: Monday and Wednesday, 12:15pm – 1:30pm 
Ross-Blakely Hall, Rm 171

Questions of Interest
  • As the negative aspects of the car become ever more apparent, what is the future of the automobile?
  • How will the car’s future affect us?
  • How does car culture affect identity, and how will changes to cars affect this?
  • How does the system of automobility affect different types of people?
  • How can we re-imagine the future of the car and their cities?

No technology has had a bigger impact–for better and for worse–on our lives and our planet than the automobile.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the changing role of cars in society through art, videography, and development of physical prototypes of future cars.
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams to explore the values, technologies, policies, and infrastructures that both shape and are shaped by the car.
  • Conduct historical research on how the cars has shaped the city and engage with artists to create new visions.
  • Develop an understanding about how to think of the future in concrete and collaborative ways.

The Future of Cars Course Sections

Spring 2019: Monday and Wednesday, 12:15pm – 1:30pm Ross Blakely Hall, Room 171
  • Humanities Lab HUL 394
  • Engineering EGR 394
  • Future of Innovation in Society FIS 394
  • Cultural Geography GCU 394
  • Urban and Environmental Planning PUP 394
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Instructional Team

Thaddeus Miller Human Dimensions of Science and Technology School of the Future of Innovation in Society The Future of Cars Spring 2019
David King Urban Planning School of Geological Sciences The Future of Cars Spring 2019